Friday, January 28, 2011

January Sketch

It's time for a new sketch from Kristine Davidson !

Sketches are really great, especially if you are really struggling for a jump start to a layout. Don't forget, share your links on your take of the sketch for this month, we would love to see it.

We have a prize for one of you who participates
in our sketch challenge this month!

Leave us a comment with a link to your layout ....
deadline is February 15th ;-)


Wednesday, January 26, 2011

February Add-Ons!!!

Hey everyone!

Just a quick post to let you know that there are some embellishment add-ons that just became available for February!

All of the Design Team gets the add-ons. So, it's very possibly you can't truly scraplift their GORGEOUS ideas without the add-ons...

This month, the add-ons are worth $17.00. If you are a subscriber, you get them for $15.95. But! If you subscribe to the add-ons, you get them for just $14.95.

Add-on subscriptions work in the same way as the kit. You can skip them any month you'd like. (You can skip the add-on, but not the kit and still be in the Year of the Sussie!)

Here's a quick look at the February Add-On that is up for grabs!!!

Just go to THE ADD-ONS PAGE to order!!!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Use 'Em Up!

How about taking one of those packs of rub ons that you get in your Sussies' kits and use the whole pack to embellish your layout?! Or you can use them to create a background on your cardstock, like I did here with the pack of Fancy Pants rub ons from the January Kit.

This layout was a scraplift of one of our designers, Leah's layout she did with the Sussies January Kit.

Monday, January 24, 2011

things in threes....

this month's kit was so full of fun birthday embellishments, so i knew i would create at least one birthday page. i recently looked through some older photos and found a cute picture of my son on his 3rd birthday. i noticed many of the embellishments were "threes".... three candles on the cakes, three stars on the rub ons, three candle embellishments.... it was perfect!!!!
i created a star from all different papers in the kit and embellished around the star...

hope you are having a blast with the January kit!!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Anyone up for some math??


Remember yesterday when I was going on about the Year of the Sussie program and how you already get these great kits for such a great prize. And, in addition to that, you will be getting $140 in free product??

So, I'm about to head to CHA next week (CAN'T WAIT!!!) and soon the sneak peek on the website will be filled with information about all the new stuff that will be coming in future kits. Well, I have a plan.... a plan that will help all subscribers!

For years and years, my spreadsheets for creating kits (Remember, I was a CPA in my pre-children life) called for creating kits that had a value of $36.00. These spreadsheets were very detailed, in order to bring you the latest and greatest, the most variety, and the same value month after month (for the last 61 months!) I walk around CHA with my laptop, often being confused for a worker in a booth because of the laptop. But it's worth it!

Well, it's time for a change! I am officially increasing the value of the kits to $40.00 beginning with the March kit. And I'm not increasing the price!! That's a $40.00 kit for only $29.95!!
(I can't swing it for the February kit because those kits are already put together!)

So, time for some math...

Let's take a customer who is just getting the kit only. They spend $29.95 for a kit that is valued at $40.00. That's $10.05 in savings every month. If they are part of the Year of the Sussie for the whole year, that's $120 in savings just on the kits (Really, it's $112 for this year because Jan & Feb kits were only worth $36). So, $112 in savings and $140 in free product for the Year of the Sussie! That's $252 in free product!!!

Now, add on the cardstock add-on - 6 sheets of cardstock for only $1.75. That cardstock has a value of $3.25. Another $1.50 in savings per month. For 12 months, that's another $18.00 free.

Now, add on the patterned paper add-on - 8 sheets of patterned paper for only $3.50. That patterned paper has a value $6.50. Another $3.00 in savings per month. For 12 months, that's another $36.00 free.

Now, add on the embellishment add-on. Each month you pay $14.95 regardless of how much the add-on is worth. It's always worth at least $15.00, but it is often worth up to $20. Going back to my meticulous spreadsheets, last year, they averaged $17.05 in value. Another $2.10 in savings per month. For 12 months, that's another $25 free.

Not up to adding all that up? It's over $330 in free product for customers who get all of those items. Mix and match - pick which ones are worth it to you! This isn't even including any of the extras that are available at deeply discounted amounts!!

The serious bottom line is - if you buy scrapbooking products - Scrapbook Sussies is the place to be for the best savings around!

Friday, January 21, 2011


I finally got around to updating the website today. It is officially official. (Not that there really was a question about it...) But, the loyalty program will continue!!!



As you all know, last year, loyal customers received $135 in free product throughout the year. For 2011, that # has jumped a little bit to $140 in free product!! Now is the time to get on board!

For those of you who don't know how it works...

Scrapbook Sussies is a no-commitment kit club. You can join at any time, you can skip kits at any time. But, for those who continue to go month after month without skipping, there are rewards!! For each month you go without skipping, you get free goodies. And the longer you go, the better the freebies get!

But there are rules...
Rule #1 - You have to be on board with the January 2011 kit. This is super easy for those of you who received it for free through the 2010 Year of the Sussie! We have some available still - here's a look at it, in case you haven't seen it...

Rule #2 - Once you skip, you are out of the program until it starts up again next January. BUT! New for 2011, if you want to instead replace a kit with any past kit that is in stock, it won't count as a skip! This is a great thing for all you newcomers!!

So, enough with the rules, on to the prizes... Here is a recap of what you will get...
JANUARY - WELCOME - This is the first month of the program! Your prizes will start next month!
FEBRUARY - A free set of cardstock - Value $4.00
MARCH - A free package of KI Memories sashes - Value $5.00
APRIL - Free set of Lifestyle Crafts Tags & Stamps - Value $11.00
MAY - My Mind's Eye Mini Page Kit - Value $10.00
JUNE - Free Goodie Bag and an entry into the BIG DRAWING - Value $12.00
JULY - Bella Blvd. Mini Page Kit and an additional entry into the
BIG DRAWING - Value $14.00
AUGUST - Free Goodie Bag and an additional entry into the BIG DRAWING - Value $15.00
SEPTEMBER- Additional entry into the BIG DRAWING (And a little Sussie - Value $4.00)
OCTOBER - EXCLUSIVE Special Edition Kit for 10 month Members and an additional entry into the BIG DRAWING - Value $25.00
NOVEMBER - Additional entry into the BIG DRAWING (And a little Sussie - Value $4.00)
DECEMBER - Coupon for a FREE January 2012 KIT and an additional entry into the BIG DRAWING - Value $36.00

(FYI - Often those goodie bags values increase a bit as I load them up!!!)

Wondering about the Big Drawing?? The Grand prize is a 6 month Scrapbook Sussies subscription for 2012. Each month, I add a new prize to the drawing - for a total of 12 different prizes to win. Last year, the prizes totaled over $500 in value!!

So... you see the benefits, right? Not only do you get 12 $36.00 kits for only $29.95 (Already saving nearly $75), you get an additional $140 in free product and a chance at $500 in prizes!


Also - stay tuned to the blog tomorrow for another FABULOUS update!!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Double Sided Greatness!

It's probably been said here before, but the Sussies kits almost always include double sided paper. Sometimes this can cause a creative quandary, because you don't know which side you'd like to use because they are both so great! And other times, it's just a happy, easy choice. January's kit includes some fun, camp themed paper. I love it, but I just don't have any camp pictures. I love to camp, but my hubby really can't stand it, so we've been camping twice in our 18 years together.

So, on the other side of that fun camp paper there are some versatile prints that make it easy to scrap whatever you'd like.
Here's my example:The alphas are from my stash but everything else is from the January kit.
I also mixed in some of the Fancy Pants birthday paper line. So see? Even things with themes can be used for other things!
If you haven't read about the 2011 Year of the Sussie, make sure you scroll down a bit a read the post under this one. It's such an awesome deal!!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

i do not camp...

okay, i said it. i admit it. i do not like camping, so we never really go. but i knew when i saw the January kit it would be perfect for my favorite ourdoor activity...hiking... and i had plenty of pictures to choose from!!!

here is one of my favorite pages this month....

and here is a close up

sometimes when i see a kit i see a theme, but if i look really closely i often see how it can be perfect for whatever pictures we have. and this January kit was so fun to create with without ever having to go camping! lol.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The perfect time to scrap???

A SNOW day!!! I had off from work last week because of snow and since I was stuck in the house with nothing major that had to get done, I decided to treat myself to scrap-fest. I've been hooked on 2-page layouts lately, since I can cram a lot more pictures in (I have a hard time omitting pictures...I feel like I need to scrap everything).

The birthday paper and embellies were so cute from the January kit that I loved playing with them. Here's my 2-pager....

Monday, January 17, 2011

Happy Day Home!

I hope you enjoyed your holiday if you had one! The girls and I pretty much did nothing today. I've been cleaning my scrap area (finally!) and I can see my desk now, just in time for the February kit which I think I'll get tomorrow! I can't wait!
It's going to be another busy week (I keep thinking that will change!) but between work and helping at school and then after-school activities, the only time I will have to myself this week is Thursday morning! I hope you have a less-busy week planned!

Just thought I'd share one final layout I made from the January kit. I use a lot of the Fancy Pants rub-ons on this layout!

I wanted to use the brads included in the kit so badly - so I made a cupcake out of them! Didn't have enough for all of it but I still think it turned out cute, don't you! Hopefully next week I'll have a sneak for you something from the February kit!!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Scrap Spaces

When I read Valerie's post the other day about making things work for you, it gave me the idea for this post. I have a scrap space in our basement with a nice desk, long work table, lots of storage solutions and even some great paper dividers that I picked up at a LSS. It has really worked great for a couple of years now. However, in the last few months, I have started feeling disconnected from the family when I'm downstairs scrapping. Plus, it's just gotten to be so cold down there!

So, after already having my main supplies packed up from a monthly crop, I decided one night to set up temporary camp in my husband's office (where he is usually) on the main floor of our house. I have my most used supplies sitting neatly around his old ugly chair in the corner. I use the small square side table as my desk. It's the perfect size for my work mat. I have to make things work in order to scrap efficiently and I tend to get pretty messy. Hubby has called me out on that a time or two and so I do try to clean up after myself after each scrap session.

It's not scrapping at my nice big desk with all my supplies within arm's reach, but it works for me for now and it allows me to be close to my husband and kids too!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Making Things Work

I am a big fan of Project Runway, so lately my motto has been- Make it Work!! I know for most of us we don't have much of a choice on our scrap space...But, I really think you can use what you have to motivate yourself to get allot of scrapping done for 2011! At the end of December, I assessed how I was scrapbooking, and how I could better organize my supplies.
I realized that I work better with my holiday supplies split out separately. I spend less time pulling items together for every season, and can easily take these items to a crop.

 I also like my papers in one spot, and can now easily flip through them all.

Lastly, add items that you just love! I went with a really ornate light, just because I love it...but, it also holds a great function- giving out lots of bright light in the night hours.

I hope that I have inspired you to make little changes to your area that will make a  big impact in your scrapbooking:)

Monday, January 10, 2011

Happy Snow Day!

Oh, how I love the snow when I don't have to get out in it. So beautiful. But, unfortunately even though we had plenty of snow I still had to go out today! And when I got home I had no internet so I couldn't post or check email or anything! Nothing like having no internet to throw a kink in your day!

I had more trouble with the October Afternoon Campfire line just because I didn't have any camping pictures to scrap! But the colors worked beautifully for one last pumpkin patch layout!

I hope you are enjoying the weather whatever your weather may be - and hopefully you're able to squeeze in some scrap time!

Friday, January 7, 2011

Happy Camper!

I am loving the BoBunny Camping side of the kit this month! Here's some of my layouts....

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

saying good-bye to December....

i have finished our cute little eclectic December Daily album and just love all of the little details and cute embellies i used from the December Sussies kit, but the cutest thing is how excited my children were to read it and remember all we have done this December. it was a full month, busy and wonderful. many new memories and as you can see so many fun new pictures.....

here is the cover....

and here is a look at all of the pages together (minus some personal journaling i will add later)....

and here are some close ups of a few of my very favorite pages....

hope your December 2010 was as blessed and full as ours was. Happy 2011!!!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011


A few more birthday packages have been put together. They're all ready to go and full of tons of paper and embellishments!

But, trust me, there's lots of good stuff in there!! All from the last year of extras and kits!!!

There's one $75.00 package and two $50.00 packages left!

Over 75% off!!!


Monday, January 3, 2011

Birthday Packages on sale in 30 MINUTES!!

Don't forget to go to the website to be one of five customers to get 75% off HUGE amounts of products!!!

The Birthday Package button will go up at 6:00 p.m. MOUNTAIN time on the home page of!!

Happy New Year!

First all, congrats to all the winners! It looks like some amazing stuff you won!!

My first Monday at home in the new year and I had hoped to get so many things done. I've managed some of them but not nearly enough! I did get two of my January Sussies layouts scanned in though! Today I'm going to share what I did with Kristine's sketch for the month!

I wanted to keep the second page relatively simple since the pictures were so busy. Can't wait to see what you do with the sketch!

Saturday, January 1, 2011


A very Happy New Year to all of you Sussies friends! I'm thrilled to be starting a new year and excited to start finding great stuff for Sussies kits! CHA is only a few weeks away! I can't wait to see what cool products awaits us in 2011!!

It's also exciting to begin the Year of the Sussies 2011. I hope, if you're not already a subscriber, you hop on board now and begin taking advantage of all the free product you will receive! I can bet that there's not another kit club out there that gives you as much free stuff as we do here! So try us out!!!

In wrapping up 2010, I did the drawing using a random number generator on the computer. Thank you to everyone who stayed on through the end of the year! I hope the freebies that you got were enough to keep you happy and I'm sorry that I can't give an extra prize to everyone! I do truly appreciate your business! Here are the winners of the 2010 Year of the Sussie Program...

Scrapbook Sussies 6 Month Subscription - Lisa Lorigan
American Crafts Album - Lisa Cross
Polar Expressions Mini-Kit - Rebecca VanDyke
Apron / Paper Pad Set - Becky Austin
Little Yellow Bicycle Mini-Kit - Gina Barrow
Sussies Surprise Kit - Jessica Doerr
Sussies Summertime Kit - Sandy Morlock
American Crafts Zing Powder - Jodi Ellis
Fancy Pants About A Girl Kit - Christina Michaelis
SEI CHA Mini-Kit - Nancy Jurado
American Crafts Cardstock Pack - Ruth Tacoma
Basic Grey CHA Layout Kit - Christina Gill

Your prize will be shipped with your FREE January kit!!!!