Saturday, January 22, 2011

Anyone up for some math??


Remember yesterday when I was going on about the Year of the Sussie program and how you already get these great kits for such a great prize. And, in addition to that, you will be getting $140 in free product??

So, I'm about to head to CHA next week (CAN'T WAIT!!!) and soon the sneak peek on the website will be filled with information about all the new stuff that will be coming in future kits. Well, I have a plan.... a plan that will help all subscribers!

For years and years, my spreadsheets for creating kits (Remember, I was a CPA in my pre-children life) called for creating kits that had a value of $36.00. These spreadsheets were very detailed, in order to bring you the latest and greatest, the most variety, and the same value month after month (for the last 61 months!) I walk around CHA with my laptop, often being confused for a worker in a booth because of the laptop. But it's worth it!

Well, it's time for a change! I am officially increasing the value of the kits to $40.00 beginning with the March kit. And I'm not increasing the price!! That's a $40.00 kit for only $29.95!!
(I can't swing it for the February kit because those kits are already put together!)

So, time for some math...

Let's take a customer who is just getting the kit only. They spend $29.95 for a kit that is valued at $40.00. That's $10.05 in savings every month. If they are part of the Year of the Sussie for the whole year, that's $120 in savings just on the kits (Really, it's $112 for this year because Jan & Feb kits were only worth $36). So, $112 in savings and $140 in free product for the Year of the Sussie! That's $252 in free product!!!

Now, add on the cardstock add-on - 6 sheets of cardstock for only $1.75. That cardstock has a value of $3.25. Another $1.50 in savings per month. For 12 months, that's another $18.00 free.

Now, add on the patterned paper add-on - 8 sheets of patterned paper for only $3.50. That patterned paper has a value $6.50. Another $3.00 in savings per month. For 12 months, that's another $36.00 free.

Now, add on the embellishment add-on. Each month you pay $14.95 regardless of how much the add-on is worth. It's always worth at least $15.00, but it is often worth up to $20. Going back to my meticulous spreadsheets, last year, they averaged $17.05 in value. Another $2.10 in savings per month. For 12 months, that's another $25 free.

Not up to adding all that up? It's over $330 in free product for customers who get all of those items. Mix and match - pick which ones are worth it to you! This isn't even including any of the extras that are available at deeply discounted amounts!!

The serious bottom line is - if you buy scrapbooking products - Scrapbook Sussies is the place to be for the best savings around!

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  1. I can't wait to see what you get from CHA!!! You are so lucky to get to go and buy, buy, buy!