Monday, January 18, 2010

The Little Things

I am enjoying an unusually cloudy and rainy day here in Phoenix. I even pretended that it was cold and made up some hot chocolate:)
One of my goals for this year is to really try to tell the story of my family through my scrapbooking and photo taking. A lot of the time you won't have the optimal conditions to get that perfect photo. I will give the below example of my daughter. She just loves to play in my bathroom sink- turning the water off and on, and just making one big wet mess! My bathroom isn't really the most clutter free, beautifully lit bathroom. But, because it is a moment that I really want to scrapbook, I am going to work around those issues!

Here is the before: there is some yellow/orange lighting going on, and a lot of the bathroom items are distracting from the main focus of the photo.

By changing this picture over to a black and white, I am able to take away many of the not so pretty elements of the first photo. Another advantage of converting to black and white, is that it opens up the possibilities of using lots of different patterned papers and embellishments on the layout and still not take away from the photo.

So as you approach the coming year, think of the day to day occurrences that you would like to document, and know they will be picture perfect!


  1. I love doing black and white - especially for the 2nd reason you stated! It allows you to use any paper you want to without clashing with the colors in the photo.

  2. i love how timeless the second photo seems... like a "moment in time" shot. it is perfect! i don't try black and white very often, but you have given me some ideas :)