Monday, October 12, 2009

Use a Kit Challenge!!!

OK ladies!

It's time for the Use A Kit Challenge! This one is for you - to get some layouts done - to get an old kit retired - to feel like you're doing something with all those kits that sometimes pile up.

Grab a Sussies kit. Any month. If you don't have one, go to the website and order one! We've got lots of fun past kits left!!!

Then see how many different layouts you can do with that kit until it is all used up. It's not necessarily a quantity thing! I don't want you to feel like you have to use every single piece of paper / embellishment in the kit! I just want to see how many layouts YOU like to do with a kit before you feel like it's time is up. I also think it will be cool to see how many different looks YOU can get out of one kit. I think you'll be surprised at just how versatile the kits will be!

I'm going to open up a special folder in the gallery for you to post your layouts into! Be sure to leave feedback for others. And then... when you're done, come back here and leave a comment letting us know how many you did!

There will be a fun prize at the end and you have until October 31st to do this!!!

That's all for now...

Here they are as promised - the November Sneak Peeks!!! Hurry and sign up now - spots are becoming more and more limited!!!!




  1. This kit looks FABULOUS! Can't wait to play with it!

  2. Hi!!
    What past kits do you have left?? I can't find any..they all say sold out!!


  3. What beautiful colors in the nov kit!!
    And a fun challenge!! These kits are SO versatile! Have fun ladies!!

  4. Hi Lisa - Sorry that I didn't see your comment! There are past kits in the 2009 kits - we've got April, May, July, August, September, and October all available! Just go to the Past Kits page and look on the left hand side for the 'add to your cart' buttons!