Monday, October 5, 2009

Flower Tutorial

For this tutorial I'm going to show you how to make the flowers in this layout.

This is a photo heavy post, but I wanted to include as many steps as possible. When I first saw this done I was a little overwhelmed, but these are really easy to make.

First you will need to cut a 1" x 12" strip of paper. Then cut it into (4) 3" x 1" strips.
2. Fold your strip in half length wise. Then fold in half from top to bottom.
3. Using your scissors, cut in an arc from the outside to the fold part.

4. When you finish cutting and unfold it, it should look like this
5. Repeat with all four pieces.
6. Now fold this oval in half top down, you will see the backside of the pattern paper.
7. Fold one side back up.
8. Turn over and fold up the other side.
9. Fold in half again.
10. Holding the center, use your fingers to run underneath the patterned paper and press it flat.
11. Once you do this to all four pieces, you are ready to start assembling your flower. I punched a small circle to use as my base, but you could also free hand cut a small circle. You will not be able to see the circle base once finished. You will want to add LOTS of adhesive to your circle on one side.
12. Take two of your petals and line them up across from each other and press them down onto the base. I use my thumb and index finger to "pinch" the middle of each petal set where the paper is folded. This allowed me to hold onto the petals well while pressing down.
13. Take the other two petals and press them down in the remaining two spaces.
14. Embellish the center with a brad, button, small circle, or other embellishment.
15. You are now ready to use them on a layout, card or other project.
I originally saw these done by Rhonda Palazarri as a "poinsettia" on the Fancy Pants blog. My best friend adapted it with a fourth set of petals to make a more universal flower. I wasn't really happy with the way my pictures for this turned out. It's cloudy here today and I had no natural light. Because I was using a mostly white piece of patterned paper, it is harder to see some of the folds. If you'd like to view the original tutorial you can see it on the Fancy Pants blog HERE.

Now go make some flowers!!


  1. These are beautiful. thanks for sharing Leah...gotta go try these!

  2. Love these! So many possibilities. I'll be trying these for sure.

  3. WOW!!! I can see how you might have been ovewhelmed! I'm having some girls over on Saturday to scrap! I think I'll give these a try!!

  4. what a wonderful tutorial!! i am printing it out to try at a crop this weekend:)

  5. Tried this last night and was really pleased with the flower.Thanks again for sharing it Leah!

  6. Leah! I am so glad you posted this! I was absolutely in LOVE with the yellow flowers on your LO and then realized you MADE them! GORGEOUS! TY for sharing!