Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The perfect gift...

for non-scrapbookers! I have so many friends that admire my scrappy work but always say that they don't have time, it's too much work, they don't know how, etc. etc. It boggles my mind because most of them have kids that they take gobs of pictures of, and then never end up doing much with the pictures. So...this year I will be giving some hand-made gifts where all they need to do is add the pictures.

This month's Sussies kit was so jam-packed with fun winter/holiday goodies that it was perfect for a mini-album! The one I made has an acrylic cover and tabs on every page.

Can't wait to give this as a gift and see the finished product when the pictures have been added!


  1. I love your finished work. I can never seem to finish a mini album. Those came out beautifully!!

  2. Somebody is gonna get a great gift this Christmas! That album is just too cute!

  3. Love that mini. I am making up two books for two people i know with one new baby and one new one on the way.. They both will appreciate a ready to go book.