Friday, September 10, 2010

October Sneak Peek!!!

Hello all! Jennifer was a day late. I'm two days late! I finally got most of the October product in - still waiting for a couple of things - and was able to take some photos!

October's kit is going to feature Echo Park's Life Is Good and We R Memory Keeper's Heebie Jeebies. It's a 1/2 Halloween & 1/2 Home kit!

Hurry and sign up for your subscription today.
I'm pretty sure with the October, November, and December products, we're going to start running out of kits! Check out these awesome goodies and read below for more Spread The Love Challenge information.....

The challenge is going great! I'll be posting a Scoreboard soon!!! That way, you can check your points and make sure that I have everything. For those of you who haven't jumped in, it's not too late! Be sure to go back and read the September posts for more ways to earn points. (But you can only complete each challenge one time for points!) To read all about it, see THIS POST.

A few more easy point grabbers today....
For 5 points, tell us by commenting here what you like about getting kits.
And if you've never tried a kit club, tell us why!

For 5 points, create yourself a gallery in the MEMBER'S GALLERY and upload a pic of one of your own layouts!!! Tell us which Sussies kit you used - if you did use a Sussies kit. (If you don't have a Sussies kit, remember to email me at to get your kit at a one-time only price of only $25!!!)

Make sure to check out other member's layouts, too! And feel free to make comments! It always feels good to hear what other's like!

For 5 points, email me at with a great idea on how to spread the love! Word of mouth is my best advertiser! In this economy, I need all the help I can get!!!
So - I'd love to hear how you think I could help bring in more subscribers!
Don't forget to include in your email all the ways you've added points to your point total! I want to make sure that I catch everything! The easiest way for me to know what you're doing is if you point me in the right direction!!!


  1. I love kits because they are so convenient. Grab some photos, choose a kit, sit and scrap! That's it. I don't have to waste a lot of time searching for coordinating embellies, etc.

  2. i love kits because they are super convenient, already matched up, and they maximize my creative process for laying it all out in front of me, so i'm not spending all day digging. that said, i do like to combine kits and add to kits.
    this kit is AMAZING!!!

  3. I love being able to just grab a kit and everything I need is there in one place. I love that you have two kits in one for the variety!

    I've got a gallery and have recently uploaded.

    Will send you off an email. :)

  4. Hi! I have not tried a scapping kit club before - all of the items look so terrific together so I just might try this after all!

    I love all of the creative ideas I've seen since I started following your site over the summer.

    I seem to have time issues - cannot find even 15 minutes some days - busy family!

    Thanks for all of the great ideas and for the cute photos - keeps me inspired!

  5. I love kits!!! Ever since joining a kit club, the number of layouts I produce has gone way up. I don't waste time searching for the perfect products to put together, they are all there for me!!! Also, I get to try a whole lot of different embellishments without having to buy whole packages at a time. I love the Sussies kits because they are packed full of my favorite brands and such cute stuff!

  6. the best part about getting kits is seeing a package on my front porch knowing that inside is scrappy happiness!!!!! It's like having a birthday every month!

  7. I love that you can take a kit, adhesive your pictures and go. I love that it's all there for you. But you always have the option to add extra embellis if you want.

  8. What I love about kit's most is that everything blends well together and it's quick and easy to work with. I also love how you can get many layouts out of a kit!

  9. I like kits because it's just grab and go, no putting stuff together. Also, I like the mix of things that I might not be able to put altogether myself.