Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Spread the Love!

Welcome to the Sussies Spread the Love Blog Challenge!!! We’re looking forward to a fun September month! We hope you are, too! Keep an eye on the blog! We’re going to have challenges throughout the month worth points! The more you participate, the more points you get! The more points you have, the better!

There will be several ways to win….
• The person with the most points will win a fantabulous prize - a three month subscription to Scrapbook Sussies!!!! WOO HOO!!!!
• We know it’s hard to always stay in first place, so we don’t want you to be discouraged!! So… anyone with at least 100 points will be entered into a drawing to win an equally fantabulous prize – a three month subscription to Scrapbook Sussies!!!!
• Anyone with at least 100 points will receive a coupon good for 50% off one item on the Scrapbook Sussies website!!! HOW COOL IS THAT???

Let’s get the first things (and easiest ways to win points) out of the way first… Once you have all of these completed (or as many as you are going to have completed), email me at lmcclendon@scrapbooksussies.com and let me know! Give me as much detail as you can, including any links to websites / blogs / galleries so I can keep track of your points! Some of these you may already have done, some may be brand new…
• Post our badge on your blog
• Post a blinkie in your signature on a message board
• Like Scrapbook Sussies or become a friend of Sussies on Facebook
• Post on your blog about Scrapbook Sussies - send me a link to see!
• Email some of your scrappy friends a quick email telling them how great our Sussies kits are!!! Please cc me at lmcclendon@scrapbooksussies so I can check this off your list and give you points!!!
• Be a follower on the Scrapbook Sussies blog!
• Sign up for a username in the Sussies Gallery! (If you’ve already done this, that counts… no need for two usernames!)

OK – those are the quick and easy Spread the Love items. Each one is worth five points – you’re already 35 points on your way to the 100 if you do all of them! (Future items will be worth more than just five points!)
Watch the blog for more challenges and ways to earn more points!

I know some of you might wonder if you have to use a Sussies kit for the scrappy challenges that will be coming up. The answer is no, but, if you do use a Sussies kit, you will earn more points than those not using a Sussies kit. Don’t have a Sussies kit? NO WORRIES!!! You have a one-time opportunity to purchase ONE Sussies past kit to use in these challenges for the amazing low price of just $25.00!!! That’s a $36.00 kit for just $25.00. Email me at lmcclendon@scrapbooksussies.com if you’re interested!

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