Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Getting The Most out of Two-Sided Pattern Paper

We've all said it before, but I just got to tell you again: Lara packs these kits full of such wonderful products! One of them being pattern paper that is almost always two-sided. I'm sure you are all like me and have come across a couple of sheets that you absolutely LOVE both sides. How can you choose between the two when you like them both and have only ONE sheet of it??!! Well, today I wanted to show you a little trick on how to use a piece of pattern paper like this and get the most out of BOTH sides!

I keep lots of misc. shaped papers on hand to do nothing more than trace them onto my favorite papers. Find a circular shaped paper and trace it onto one of the sides of pattern paper. Next trace a circle that will fit inside of the previous shape. Now cut out both using precision scissors or an exacto blade. Decide on which paper you want to be the inside and which you want as the outside. Voila! You have successfully used both sides of your favorite piece of pattern paper!

Here is a layout I created using one of the sheets in the July kit. I loved both sides and am happy how I was able to showcase them both on this layout! Thanks for looking and I hope you decide to use that favorite paper of yours now.

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  1. This is ADORABLE! Love how you made the sun and incorporated in with your title.