Monday, December 28, 2009


First of all, I am so thankful to be able to post my first blog post today! I was thrilled when Lara asked me to join the team and I have had a blast this month playing with the super fun January Sussies kit! These kits are even more full of embellies and cute little touches than I had remembered and they make creating pages so very simple!

This month I found myself inspired by the "girl" side of the kit and wanted to share a bit about that and some photos I had taken all because of the pretty prints... I apologize that since the snow was falling all day (and will until Wednesday) you will have to see my girl (and boy) pages this Wednesday on my blog or at the end of the week in the beautiful members gallery. If you have not been over to the Members Gallery take a moment and check it out. The work is beautiful and I was amazed by all of the talent you ladies have!!!!!

Back to the INSPIRED part....anyway, when I first received my kit in the mail and saw all of the cute nail polishes and lip sticks and poodles I searched through my photos hoping to find the perfect ones and instead discovered I rarely take photos of those everyday girly moments... the dress up and dolly playing is not in much of any photos and so I knew what I had to do! I made a date with my girls. We picked out the perfect nail polish and dress up and had fun just being girls. A whole night of fun just inspired from some pretty paper and that was a memory I will not soon forget! The gift of that memory and now the pages to add to our scrapbook is the best Sussie of all! ;-)

here is a peak of the "girl" pages and a couple of the sweet photos (not perfect, but of our memory)....

I hope each of you have had a wonderful holiday season and that the December Sussies kit inspired you to capture all of those little moments this month!
Take care!


  1. what sweet fun, your can't beat nail polish and mama time!

  2. Welcome to the team, Lisa!! Can't wait to see your projects!

  3. welcome! see, I should've done what you did but I dug around in OLD photos - and they weren't the best!