Thursday, September 17, 2009

Idea for Spooky Sussies...

So maybe you've been eyeing the Spooky Sussies kit... And maybe you've been wondering what you would do with all of those journaling sheets that come with it.

Well. I was wondering the same thing when I was putting the kits together. I knew there was no way that anyone would be able to use them all on layouts. You'd get so tired of them!

Here's a great idea for those of you who purchase that kit between now and October 1st (so it arrives with your October kit). Use them as sweet little holiday notes in your children's / spouses / significant other's lunches!! Be creative! Plan a festive Halloween evening and then have the note at their breakfast table, telling them about it - giving them something to look forward to that evening or weekend. Do you have a cool pumpkin patch to visit? Or a corn maze? Or maybe for the night you all are going to carve pumpkins!

What are some other ideas you guys have for these? (I know you have them! I know you all are creative!! Let's hear those thoughts!)


  1. Fold them in half and make treat bags out of them. Put a couple of pieces of candy inside, a ribbon strap. Cute stuff!

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  3. Cut out the insides, where the journaling is to be, and make them into frames.

  4. I think these would be great inside a mini album!