Monday, September 14, 2009

Another use for scrappy supplies!

I LOVE when I find a way to pare down my out-of-control scrappy stash and actually get to put it to good use! I had an 'AHA!' moment when I was looking for a card matching game for my 4 year old at the mall. It seemed to me that this is a pretty a basic concept game- pictures on cardstock. So I came home and got to work (BTW, I used the September Sussies kit for this project).

I gathered the supplies you see below:
1-12x12" solid cardstock
1-12x12" patterned paper (since this is a matching game, you will want to stick to a pattern with a fairly similar design throughout)
1 12x12" sheet white cardstock (for stamping on)
Assorted small stamps (a font stamp is optional-if you want to label the images)
Ink (& markers-optional)
A good adhesive product (I used a Xyron to make sure this stays 'stuck' as the cards will be handled ALOT)

I next cut 40 cards, in 20 in each set-2 sizes.

Then I got busy stamping-this was the fun part. I used Stazon, as I find this always gives me a nice, crisp image. Don't worry about getting things 'too' straight or perfect. This is meant to be fun and chances are the recipient won't even notice.

If you don't have access to a laminator, you can get clear, adhesive book covers this time of year (I got mine at the local $1 store.) It's a bit more work since you have to trim the excess off but I wanted to make sure I protected all my hard work.

Here is a shot of all the images I used for my card set.

I hope this inspires you to try something different with your scrappy supplies!
Thanks for stopping by!
Have a great scrappy week!


  1. WHat a neat idea to use those small stamps too! My son would love to build this himself.....Love it!

  2. This is awesome I might have to try this really soon!

  3. DUDE!!! That's a fabulous idea!!! And would make a great party favor / gift to give kids when they come to a birthday party!!!

  4. You're just so creative girlie!!! Love these!