Monday, July 20, 2009

Have you heard about the fish that got away?

Remember all those stories that you used to hear about "the big one" or "the one that got away?" .... well, let me tell you, I may have to start believing some of them! But, alas, I'm getting ahead of myself!

Betcha you're excited about the August kit! The fun bright colors. The summertime theme. While I have to admit I love the colors and paper, I wasn't quite sure what I would use the Cosmo Cricket Snorkel line for! I had very few swimming pictures and we don't have any beaches around here. When it hit me that we had attempted to fish when we were in New Mexico.

And so I printed my pictures and started laying them out trying to figure out how to embellish the layout when I realized that this was probably the only fishing layout I was going to do about our trip (because, let's face it, unless there's a fish in the picture, fishing pictures are pretty boring - and I didn't have very many to begin with!). So somewhere on this layout I had to tell my story about my two big fish that both got away!

So, even though I was able to find a place for the journaling, I certainly could've said a bit more! Wanna see the sneaks of my layout?

So do you wanna hear my story? The first big fish I almost caught was about 16 inches. I was watching this fish the entire time I was fishing that morning. He kept teasing me by swimming by. Well, on one of my last tosses, something spooked it and it tore by my hook. Somehow I hooked it (where I'm really not sure, maybe his tail?) and so I reeled him in, right into DH's waiting hands. And he dropped it back in the water. Yup. He sure did. I saw someone later that had caught MY fish. And I'm telling you, it was at least 18 inches long. LOL

So, the second time, I was just tossing my line in and chatting with my Dad and all of the sudden my line took off. I yanked to set the hook and then before I could do anything else, this huge fish jumped and snapped my line! It was hard to tell how big it was, but I'm sure it was at least 20 inches long. LOL I can definitely see how the fish grows and grows and grows with each telling!

I hope you are having an awesome summer and I can't wait to hear your fish tales as well. In fact, if at least 5 people post their own tale on this post, I'll draw for a RAK! I know you must have a story or two!

Happy Scrapping!


  1. Okay...I don't really go fishing...but when I'm in a restaurant or game place that has one of those "claw" machines filled with stuffed animals I like to go "fishing" for prizes. AND...there have been A LOT of times that the animals got away!

  2. That's too funny Barry. My DH has actually designed one of those claw machines! They have 3 out in the Denver area but they are out of funding for the project :(