Friday, July 29, 2011

More Things to do with Paper

So I've become a little bit addicted to Pinterest lately! I've been finding so many cool things on there that I want to remember to do at some point (like when I find the time??). A lot of the things I've seen involves more ways to use scrapbook paper, other than scrapbooking. Here are a few examples.

Frame it and use it as wall decor:

Make it a background for a new way to hang your jewelry:
Make a bow from one 12x12 sheet
Tutorial for bow found here: Bow Tutorial

Cover some letters to make a holiday themed decoration
So if you want to find more ways in which you can use some of your pretty patterned papers and you aren't afraid of becoming obsessed with "pinning," then maybe you'd like to give Pinterest a try as a way for some great inspiration!

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