Friday, December 10, 2010

January Sneaks

It's ten minutes before I have to leave to help at Ryan's school. It's his 6th birthday today!! Then, I'll have time to come home to make gingerbread house icing just to turn around and go back to help make the houses in Annie's class. Then Annie's Christmas Show Choir show tonight, Ryan's birthday party tomorrow, my work holiday party on Sunday, make Christmas cookies, finish shopping, visit Santa, figure out what to buy for my mother-in-law, begin the Christmas cards, finish the Christmas cards, etc, etc, etc... Sound familiar??

Well, I had to at least stop by here and put up the January sneak peeks. January will feature October Afternoon Campfire and Fancy Pants It's Your Day (very appropriate because January is Scrapbook Sussies 5th birthday!!!)

Hurry up and sign up for your subscription today! The 2011 Year of the Sussie begins in January and you need to be on board then in order to begin getting the over $140 in free goodies for loyal customers! Email me at if you want more details. But details will be coming soon, too....

For now, here's the peeks....

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