Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Where do You Find Inspiration?

I wanted to share a 3 ring binder that I use for creative inspiration. It has a package of page protectors in it- and I just slide sheets from catalogs, magazines, or other sources. When I need help, I can flip through and get the creative juices flowing. Take some time this week and find new points of view- could be colors, a photo that jumps out of you, or a layout of an advertisement. Next week, I will be back with a layout using inspiration from the above pages. For 5 points create a layout letting us know your inspiration point for your layout or project. For 10 points use a Sussies kit! Be sure to post your projects in the gallery!!


  1. So, i JUST NOW, figured otu that i can create my own album! good grief! I have just been uploading into the correct folder for the kit i used, since i've used sussies kits for all my challenges... OY! so now i'm going to try to reupload them all into my own folder!

    here's my challenge- I used as inspiration, whatever shirt i'm wearing at the end of the day. They are always splattered with food from making dinner, and smears from babies smashing their food on my chest... what can I say, i'm a giant napkin.

  2. I find inspiration in my fellow scrappers. I wrote down this sketch, but forgot to write where I got it from. It reminded me of one of my Grandmother's quilts. This is my daughter, Stacey and her best friend, Dani. They met when they were 3 and even though we moved thousand of miles away, they stayed friends. They now live about 10 miles apart. I did this using the July 2010 kit.

  3. I'm a sketch lover and I recently discovered Scrapbook Generation's sketch books with 2-page designs and meaurements!! I used one from Volume 6 as inspiration for this LO:

  4. I decided to use this ad as my inspiration:
    And here's my layout based on it:

  5. I'm inspired by other's layouts! I lifted this idea froma layout from a fellow scrapper at Scrapdango
    Here's mine!