Tuesday, September 7, 2010

A Day Late....

Ooops! How is it that long weekends always throw me off? I remembered at some point yesterday I was supposed to post but then promptly forgot until I was on my way home from picking up the girls from school today!

I hope you had a great holiday weekend! It really is beginning to seem like fall here with some much cooler temperatures.

So I thought I'd post a quick challenge for you to earn a few more points in the Sussies Share the Love Challenge!

I decided that I would LOVE to see some of your newly created layouts showcasing some of your summer happenings! Here's one of mine using the September kit:

10 points for completing the challenge, 15 if you use a Sussies kit! Please upload your layout in the Sussies Gallery and link us up! Can't wait to see what you did this summer!


  1. Fun Challenge! When are all these challenges due?

  2. fun!! ok, here's mine. Do we get to do more than one of each challenge? I used the June kit.

  3. oops! forgot i was supposed to upload to the gallery! here's the correct link

  4. challenges are due bt the end of the month! For now, I would assume you can do each challenge once... we'll get that figured out though!

  5. the boss lady has spoken~no challenges can be repeated.

  6. Here's mine, our Memorial Day cookout. Used the August Sussies kit: http://www.scrapbooksussies.com/gallery/displayimage.php?album=lastup&cat=10083&pos=3

  7. Here's us at our daughters wedding rehearsal dinner this summer.


  8. Here's mine. I used an older Sussies kit again, August 2009. It's a 2 pager so there are 2 links again too. If anyone wants to clue me in on how to make them 1 page after scanning I'd be more than happy to hear it!