Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Good Morning!

Hello all! I was supposed to post yesterday and I'm late :) And I don't really have any wonderful scrapbooking things to show you or talk about. I'm on spring break (are you?) and we're up skiing in Sol Vista, Colorado. Well, I guess I should rephrase that as I haven't skiied yet and we're leaving tomorrow....

My husband (with my mother-in-law) took two of my girls to try skiing yesterday. I hear it was an exercise in patience - today they are in ski school! I'm a little worried about my youngest (5) because she doesn't have her sisters in her class and it's all day long!

Since I don't have any scrapbooking tips for you, I thought I'd share just a little about a photography rule that I learned. I emailed my photographer uncle (since the last pics my husband took with all the snow turned out grey) to see what I needed to do and he sent me a couple of links about the Sunny 16 rule. One of the websites he sent me explained it pretty well and gave me some tables I should've printed out.

So, here's the general rule:
For daylight an approximation of the correct exposures is possible by following an old rule of thumb: Daylight Exposure = 1/ASA ISO speed at f/16

Example when using a shutter speed of 100. For a sunny day picture, set the shutter to 1/100 of a sec or as close as possibly i.e. 1/125. And the aperture to f/16 this will be the correct exposure "Sunny 16".

Now reading further, I read that for snow pictures (or bright sun on a beach), you should close down the aperture by one. So if you're looking to get on manual, google sunny 16 and see what you can find!

I shot all my pictures on manual yesterday and the pictures look pretty good! I'll try and upload some when I get home!

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