Monday, February 22, 2010

Color Decisions

Do you ever look at a photo and really have difficulty deciding what color paper you want to use with a layout? Well, I have found an awesome tool to help you with this! It is called a Color Palette Generator. You download a photo that you have, and it will create a color palette for you! The below photo is a screen shot of what the palette looks like from a picture of my daughter. I know that allot of the times I will pick the obvious color- like pink for the example, but wouldn't it be fun to see those light blues or grays for paper choices.

And, last but not least- here are some more sneaks from the March kit... I love the versatility of Scrapbook Sussies kits!!


  1. i love your sneaks Val :) very pretty!!!!! i can't wait to see the reveals!!!!

  2. Those cupcakes are so great!!! I want some!!!

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