Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Using Those Kits

So are you making the most of those Sussie kits? Usually when I finish the pages I do for the Sussie site, I leave each month's leftovers in it's own bag for the month. Occasionally I'll grab a month's bag and make a card. But all those leftovers need to be put to better use. So I decided to combine and organize. I broke all my past kits up and seperated them into several catergories. I now have a cardstock bag, a Sussies patterned paper bag, and several embellishment bags. This will help me mix and match all that product that is packed in our kits!

Here is a page I did last night.
These pics are of my nephew Wyatt. I have two girls, so scrapping a boy page was a nice change of pace. I used patterned paper from the Jan and Feb 09 kits and embellishments from the May and July 09 kits. Don't let those supplies just sit around! :)

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  1. Love how you mixed these past kits together, Leah! TY for the inspo!