Friday, April 10, 2009

What photos will you be taking?

For all those of you who celebrate Easter, it's just around the corner, isn't it? And for all of us, we're finally getting into spring. (Those of you who live in a place like Texas, where I am, have already begun moving into summer, but who's keeping track of technicalities?)

So with this festive weekend ahead, many of us will have extra-special photo ops. I know I've found it useful in years past to take a few minutes to think about some of the photos I don't want to miss. After all, in the hubbub and excitement that come from extra people around, big family meals, and jellybean-induced sugar rushes, a little planning can be really useful!

Why not take a couple of minutes to think about it? Here are some of the ideas I've had...

  • making and dyeing Easter eggs
  • closeup of my 3 year old daughter's hands afterwards, because I know what they'll look like
  • a pretty shot showing all the eggs and maybe some closeups if any are really pretty
  • a nice pre-church shot of all the family in Easter finery - we always seem to miss getting these for some reason, and we'll have 4 generations together!
  • some shots of my own little family since we rarely have anyone else around to take the pics
  • hunting for Easter eggs, of course
  • seeing how my baby boy reacts to the various goodies and people
  • my daughter and her great-grandma sharing their basket like they always do
  • getting ready for Easter dinner
  • the cleanup!

Don't forget to get photos of special family traditions, or of special moments that may differentiate *this* year from other years. Is there a new family member, or are you celebrating in a new place? What will help to set this year apart for you?

And whatever you do, always remember that you have to live the memories before you can scrap them!

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