Thursday, April 16, 2009

Paper Flower Tutorial

I save every little bit of scrap paper and love to use them on various projects. Here is a fun tutorial on how to make some 3 dimensional flowers. I will show you what the template looks like down below. Just hand draw the petals and a small rectangle on any type of paper. Don't worry about them looking exact, they will look great! Then cut the pieces out for your template. Make any size flower you please.

Trace your petals on patterned paper. Then cut them out. I used 4 small and 5 large petals. Cut out the square for inner fringe. cut small fringe cuts 3/4 of the way down.
I used a glue gun to adhere the pieces together. Be careful if you are using that hot glue (we don't want any burnt fingers!) Use any adhesive that will work for you. It doesn't have to look pretty sine everything will be covered with floral tape in the end. Roll the fringe tightly around the floral wire.I put my glue on while the fringe piece was lying flat beforehand.
Now add the small petals by gluing each on to the bottom of the fringe layer. Do the same for the large petals.
The key to your floral tape success is to wrap as tight as you can! I cut off about a yard at a time so I could easily work with it. Make sure to overlap the tape so it will stick to itself.
Now you have a nice flower to decorate a package, your room, or even yourself!

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